Advocacy & Influencing

Asylum Matters facilitates this work for the Consortium alongside all partners: contact Julia@asylummatters.org

Great EbE group engagement in campaigns

As part of the mandate of the EbE group to ‘advocate on issues affecting asylum seekers and refugees across Greater Manchester and ensure the voices of people with lived experience are heard.’

The EbE coordinator and EbE group work closely with the advocacy lead to ensure opportunities for campaigns training and activities.

GM / regional contacts

We are in regular contact with local and regional officials and decision makers that that we as a consortium work with strategically

Some of these are::

  • Greater Manchester Combined Authority (current contacts: Jennie Corbett Strategy Principal GMCA and Joseph Sheehan Project and Policy Support Officer)
  • Regional Strategic Migration Partnership (Aleksandra Bardon - Asylum Lead)
  • Manchester City Council (Christianah Awodiji - Refugee, Evacuee and Asylum Manager Rebekah MacDonald, Jessica Waylen - RTOF managers and asylum leads)

Areas where Consortium members are currently active on advocacy / influencing alongside Asylum Matters are below. Many Consortium partners also are active on other advocacy areas. Please contact Julia to discuss if you wish to discuss an area for joint advocacy specifically from Consortium members.

Areas of collaborative working - TBC

Some current priority areas for advocacy (Asylum Matters)

  • anti-refugee laws campaignAccommodation centres (linking local colleagues into national action)Lift the ban campaignAsylum support

GM specific

  • Accomodation (asylum contingency)
  • GM Ukraine response (Julia keeping eye to VCS infrastructure)
  • GM Afghan response (as above)
  • GMCA strategy and local infrastructure
  • Local lobbying and mobilising