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Promotional Materials

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Consortium overview (text for partner websites)

The Greater Manchester Refugee Step Change Consortium (Step Change Consortium) is a project by ten charities and Experts by Experience (EBE) to develop a joined-up and collaborative ecosystem of support for refugees and people seeking asylum across Greater Manchester.

The charities in the Consortium include: Asylum Matters, Boaz Trust, British Red Cross, Manchester City of Sanctuary (MCoS), Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit (GMIAU), Manchester Refugee Support Network (MRSN), Rainbow Haven, Refugee Action, Revive and Support for Wigan Arrivals Project (SWAP).

We work on four key areas including: Place-based service delivery through a community-based or outreach Hubs; region wide thematic service delivery on immigration legal advice and housing and support; collaborative and capacity building projects to address common challenges in the sector and a voice and influence programme to ensure the experiences of refugees and people seeking asylum are heard by decision makers.

By the end of our 3.5 year programme, we anticipate outcomes that will benefit both service users as well as service providers. We are aiming towards a sector where refugees and people seeking asylum are able to access good quality services and are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skill to embrace their new lives in the UK. We are working towards a sector where refugee and asylum support organisations across Greater Manchester will be better connected, with joined up services. Lastly, we anticipate that refugees, people seeking asylum and the organisations that support them will have a strengthened collective voice, to ensure that decision makers understand their priorities.